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Jack Crevelle and Amber Jack are Two Favorites near Orlando Florida

Monday January 22, 2018

Summers are made for fishing in Florida and Jacks are abundant and ready for anglers to brawl with. Jack Crevelle can often weigh in at over 20 pounds and sometimes even into the 30 pound range while the deeper marauding Amber Jack can tilt the scales over 100 pounds but most often average 30 to 40 pounds out of Port Canaveral just minutes east of Orlando.

When an angler gets a jack to hit they often wonder if the fish is too big for them to handle. A grown man can have his hands full and a younger man often give up when a large one comes to visit the business end of their rod and reel. Jacks are noted for being one of the hardest fighting fish in the world and while many anglers think of them as junk fish, they're really one of the most enjoyable and fun sports fish in the ocean. Everyone remembers their first jack and the fight they had bringing it in and landing it.

Orlando has plenty of Jack fishing action whether it be the shallower water Jack Crevelle or the deeper running Amber Jack. Summer is a fine time to seek out jacks and they are often targeted by sightfishing for them too.

Every time I take anglers and customers thru the Canaveral Locks we see hundreds of jack crevelle pounding baitfish or swimming in daisy chains around the pilings and fenders. If allowed and laws were different, I could spend a whole day fishing in the restricted waterway that controls the flow of water between the ocean and the Banana River Lagoon. Jacks are an abundant fish in the Orlando area and can consistently be caught on many outings.

"Dad took us fishing for king mackerel off the beaches and we caught several nice Kingfish and spent most of the day pulling in big jacks till my arms fell off near Orlando." explains Mekenzie a young angler

Orlando Charter Fishing CaptainHello Anglers,
Orlando has some unbelievable Jack Crevelle and AmberJack fishing during the summer months off Port Canaveral and it's adjoining Lagoons. As a young man, I got hooked on fishing with small jacks in the Banana River Lagoon and now as I've aged I enjoy watching my customers become addicted when they have their first Jack encounter in the ocean or in the shallow waterways east of Orlando.
The photograph on this page is of my wife Gina and my two daughter Savannah and Mekenzie. Each of these three had landed at least one of these large jacks this day and refused to wrestle with another one after a couple of hookups. "My arms can't handle another jack dad, I'm pooped," replied Savannah. Mekenzie (our youngest) was eager but quickly learned that the Jack is a serious fish and these sized jacks were tough on a nine year old girl.
When visiting Orlando next time... Look us up for a fishing trip. We provide the best professional Orlando fishing guide service for you and or your family while visiting Orlando and catching Jacks and other inshore and offshore fish species.
Tight Lines,
Captain Richard Bradley
Lagooner Fishing Guide

Jack Crevalle are a beautiful color of bluish-green to greenish-gold on their backs and have silvery or yellowish bellies. The Jack's soft dorsal and anal fins are almost identical in size and they have a prominent black spot on the gill cover. They also have a black spot at the base of each pectoral fins and no scales on the throat.

Jacks are common in both INSHORE waters and the open sea. They seem to show up anywhere and everywhere but more often where there's plenty of food or baitfish around. Look for schools of jacks turning the water yellow or finning as they circle near the surface of the water. Jacks will travel into fresh or brackish water and are often seen in springs that lead into the ocean.

One of the memorable catches for a saltwater angler is their first Jack. The crevalle tend to stay inshore or near offshore and can be caught in both salt and freshwater rivers around florida and other southern states. Jacks are often seen under diving birds making a commotion on the water surface while feeding on bait. Jacks tolerate a wide range of salinities; schools corner a school of baitfish at the surface and feed with commotion that can be seen at great distances; feeds mainly on small fish; peak spawning occurs OFFSHORE from March through September.


Cocoa Beach Jack Crevalle
Orlando Jack Fishing


No limit or size regulation.

State Record

51 lbs.

Jack Fishing in Orlando

Reviewed by Captain Richard Bradley on Last modified: February 08 2017 00:05:05.

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The Banana River comes alive during the colder months of year and January is the peak season for deep hole trout, redfish and juvenile black drum. We've been fishing the deeper canals and slews with success during the cold fronts when the water is cold and also catching some great sized fish on the flats adjacent to these holes. Look for the Banana River to improve as the winter gets colder and the fish transition to their winter haunts in pursuit of cold, stable water. Look for mature fish to seek warmth on the shallow shorelines nearby.

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Is it going to be an Indian Summer this January or possibly a deep freeze Polar Vortex? These are the questions that all fishing guides want to know. Depending on how this winter plays out with temperatures, winds and other conditions will dictate how our fishing will pan out in January. Unless the water is churned up by high winds, January will produce some of the cleanest and clearest water of the year in Central Florida as colder water kills of plankton life in the lagoons and mild northeast winds often push in clearer water in the ocean. Look for great inshore fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon and Northern end of the Indian River toward Titusville. If the winds and water are all frothed up it can be a crap shoot for fishing in almost every inshore locations and will shutdown all offshore fishing due to small craft warnings and safety warnings. However, between fronts, look for some of the best fishing of the year in January both inshore and offshore in Central Florida.

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I live in Cocoa Beach, but get lots of company from Germany & other parts of Europe, - gone fishing with Capt Richard of Lagooner Fishing Guides, several times, to make my friends Florida experience a real special one - never had more fun. Capt Richard Bradley makes your day so special from the second you put foot on his boat. Chances are , you're going to witness a georgeous sunrise, he will point out anything & everything worthwhile seeing, he's knowledgeable, funny & entertaining - and he KNOWS , WHERE THE FISH ARE !! Never been disappointed ever!! My friends won't leave Florida without having had the LAGOONER fishing experience.
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