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Tuesday April 25, 2017

Black Drum are not as glorious of a catch as the red drum to most anglers but you have to admit that the size of this fish is impressive. Some Black Drum tip the scales at over 100 pounds and many are caught on fly in the shallow water flats over 45 pounds. In the video above Gina caught caught this 50 plus pound drum on a simple jig near Orlando, Florida off the coast of Cocoa Beach.

Seasonal fishing near Orlando Florida for black drum and other species in the shallow water lagoons including the Banana, Indian and Mosquito Lagoons can be rewarding for anglers pursuing big black drum. November starts the black drum season but the tend to show up and stay thru much of the winter. Black drum bite on flies when they are in the mood and some artificials, but if you really want to put one in the boat a piece of crab or scrap of fish will do the trick. These large drum don't have the far reaching fights of red drum but they can put a test on anyone's tackle and they're a great catch for any angler visiting Orlando. Don't expect black drum in the middle of the summer as these fish somehow find their way to the ocean or deeper waters and are more difficult to find.

"We watched a big school of huge black drum tailing in a lagoon near Orlando with Captain Richard of Lagooner and hooked and landed several before catching a monster 40 pounder"
An English Angler visiting Orlando

Orlando Fishing CaptainHello,
Orlando's known for theme parks and monster rides but many anglers know about the huge black drum found east of Orlando within a short car ride. Drum are a species of fish known for their size and meat. While larger drum, exceeding nine pounds have course meat and are generally not known for their meat, small black and red drum have excellent meal value and are a delicacy to the pallet of any seafood eater. Next winter when you visit Orlando whether for vacation or business take a day and let us take you on a drum fishing trip near Orlando, Florida.
When visiting Orlando next time... Look us up for a black drum fishing trip and I'll promise you a great time in the Florida sunshine (if it's not too cloudy ;-). We provide the best professional Orlando fishing guide service for you and or your family while visiting Orlando and catching those great tailing black drum.

Hope to see you soon,
Captain Richard Bradley
Lagooner Fishing Guide

Drum can be caught both inshore and offshore around Florida's east coast. The black drum is close to it's cousin the red drum but it's feeding habits are much less predatory as it's often too lazy to chase baitfish unless it has an easy chance. Typically the black drum is more cumbersome and feeds on opportunities dead crustacean and mollusk. They will bight on live crabs and shrimp and occasionally take live fin fish if they're feeling frisky, but more often than not the black drum will not expend the energy to chase too far and fast.

All our lagoon systems on the east coast of Florida host black drum including the Indian, Banana and Mosquito Lagoons. Schools of black drum are often seen meandering the shallow grass flats with November being some of the best times to seek them them out. Best way to fish for these drum are with dead or live baits and they often take flies if presented well.

High arched back; 10 to 14 pairs of chin barbels; gray or black colored body in adults; young have 4 to 6 vertical bars; has cobblestone-like teeth capable of crushing oysters; scales large.

INSHORE fish common to bays and lagoons; bottom dweller often found around oyster beds; also OFFSHORE near wrecks and beaches.


Largest member of the drum family; spawns NEARSHORE in winter and early spring; feeds on oysters, mussels, crabs, shrimp and occasionally fish; longevity to 35 or more years.


Not less than 14" or more than 24". Five per harvester per day. May possess 1 over 24"

State Record

93 lbs.

Fishing for Black Drum near Orlando Florida

Reviewed by Captain Richard Bradley on Last modified: February 04 2017 11:11:53.

Published by: Captain of Lagooner Fishing Guides©

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