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Hiring a Charter Fishing Captain in Central Florida

Wednesday February 21, 2018

Hiring a charter fishing Captain can be an awesome experience for when visiting Orlando, Florida. Whether you're visiting Orlando's theme parks for a few days or live in our warm tropical state, a great day of charter fishing can be a great tradition for family, friends or even by yourself.

What is Charter Fishing...

According to an online dictionary, "charter fishing" is hiring a captain or guide for a fishing expedition. Orlando has some of the finest charter fishing captains on the east coast of the United States and most certainly in Florida. A saltwater fishing excursion can be the perfect way to spend a day after walking theme parks and waiting in long sweltering hot lines. Hiring a fishing guide or charter fishing Captain could be the best thing you and/or your family has ever done.

What Kind of Charter Fishing is Near Orlando...

Three basic types of charter fishing are available in our area. Inshore Saltwater Fishing, Offshore Saltwater Fishing and Freshwater Lakes & River Fishing, the later is strictly bass fishing and our services do not cover freshwater fishing. Lagooner Fishing Guides are specialist in both inshore & offshore saltwater fishing.

Inshore Fishing - Florida's coastal lagoons are rich in sea life and have an abundance of fishing for the avid and novice anglers. A favorite among locals are the redfish, snook, tarpon and sea trout which are found in the shallow water estuaries directly west of the barrier islands on Florida's east coast. Specialized vessels are used to traverse the shallow or "skinny water" bodies of waters called "flats boats". Light tackle and fly rods are choice equipment for many anglers and a good guide should be able to acquaint you with equipment and assist anglers in learning how to cast and present lures or baits to fishing opportunities.

A typical day of inshore fishing usually involves going our at sunrise and coming back on either a four, six or eight hour trip. Each trip is tailored to what can be accomplished during that time period and for each species of fish involved. The smaller boats are well suited for one guide and two customers, but three can be fished if necessary. Inshore fishing trips are more intimate and closer to the charter fishing captain than offshore because of the smaller vessels, tighter quarters and specialized equipment.

Offshore Fishing - Deep Sea Fishing in the Atlantic Ocean for Big Game Species like king mackerel, dolphin or dorado, cobia, sailfish, grouper and snapper are favorite offshore fishing charter quarry. Lagooner Charter Fishing Captain, Richard Bradley is a lifelong resident of the Orlando area near Port Canaveral, Florida and specializes in many offshore species mentioned aforementioned. "We use smaller center console equipment and take less customers on each trip," explains Captain Richard. "These small boats are fast, reliable and very well equipped to meet the most demanding fishing situations."

Fast offshore boats are the key to getting a few anglers to the fishing grounds quickly and safely maximizing fishing time and make the fishing excursion a close intimate experience with an expert fishing guide. The only drawback to smaller boats is choosing milder weather days than the more expensive and larger charter fishing boats can handle. Our belief is that if it's rough on the ocean, most anglers don't want to venture out into the ocean anyway's... and we can often switch the trip to an inshore fishing expedition on calmer lagoon waters for great gamefish too.

"I've been fishing with Captain Richard for almost twenty years and we always seem to come back with fish. When my son asked me to take him fishing, I knew exactly who I was gonna take him fishing with. Captain Richard is great with kids and loves to help them learn about fishing and the saltwater lagoons."
Chuck Smith
Merritt Island, FL
Orlando Fishing Charter Boats & Captains

Equipped with both inshore and offshore fishing vessels our performance boats are furnished with high volume bait wells, top quality St Croix fishing rods and well maintained shimano and penn reels. You won't find a finer fleet on Florida's east coast.

Certified Charter Captains

Many people have never chartered a fishing trip with a guide or captain. Our coast guard Captains are Certified by the United States Coast Guard and licensed to do business for hire within one hundred miles of our coastline. Lagooner Fishing Guide carries extensive liability insurance, blanket coverage fishing license for inshore and offshore saltwater species.

We believe that hiring a fishing guide should be a safe fun experience by qualified full time fishing charter captains with excellent properly maintained equipment. Part time guides trying to make a boat payment and have an additional few days on the water courtesy of paying customers are considered a liability to our profession and often give a negative impression to our endeavors and the general public.

Full Time Fishing Charter Guides

Guarantees to catch fish have become the new gimmick on the world wide web with newbies and part time fishing guides. The "no fish, no pay" is nothing more than a fashionable play on the general public. Nobody can promise quality gamefish unless they are willing to give-up a day of pay every now and then to have a day on the water. Fish are living organisms and not all customers have the skill and talent to cast, present and reel in quality gamefish. But half the fun in fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities is trying.

Please take time to look around the Lagooner web site and read the many articles and browse the photographs of the hundreds of satisfied customers over the years that have hired us as their charter fishing captain and guides in the Orlando area.

Charter Fishing in Orlando

Reviewed by Captain Richard Bradley on Last modified: February 08 2017 00:10:50.

Published by: Captain of Lagooner Fishing Guides©

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Fishing Reports

February - 2018 Fishing Report

Every February seems to be different and this one is no different.

Fishing Forecast

February - 2018 Fishing Forecast

There's not a better way to spend a Valentines day with your sweetie than out in the boat catching the winter sun and a few nice fish. If the weather this February stays nice, look for some fun and rewarding fishing into the central Florida spring break period. Fish get hungry as spring approaches and the cold winter grip releases. I KNOW... I KNOW... IT's Florida! How can Florida get cold? Well, it can often drop into the 40° mark over night and be in the 70's during the day, so plan a late morning trip on the lagoon and you should be safe in Februay and into March.

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Inshore and Offshore Charter Fishing near Orlando and Cocoa Beach, Florida. Catch redfish, sea trout, tarpon, snook and many other saltwater gamefish aboard the world famous Lagooner flats fishing boat with renowned Captain Richard Bradley.

Great Day of Fishing - My husband and grandson went out fishing with Captain Richard after his wife, Captain Gina was kind enough to pick them up at out hotel in Cocoa Beach. They had a great time even though it was cut just a bit short by a storm. My 15 year old grandson was worn out after fighting a huge amber jack for hours. He loved it! The only bad thing I can say is that they never sent us the photographs they promised, even after I checked back with them.
about Lagooner Fishing Charters on August 5, 2014

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