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Tuesday October 17, 2017

"It's exciting to take a day in the Atlantic Ocean and go Big Game Fishing with an experienced charter fishing Captain out of Orlando, Florida." explains an angler that took his son out fishing recently with Captain Richard Bradley of Lagooner Fishing Charters. "My son and I caught cobia till our arms hurt and big king mackerel, I couldn't have dreamed of a better day on the ocean fishing for gamefish near our home in Orlando.

Big Game fishing out of Orlando Florida includes a day of deep sea fishing or trolling with live baits for large offshore fish. We often include a time of bottom fishing for benthic or bottom dwelling fish like snapper, grouper or seabass," explains Captain Richard Bradley. "Years ago I took my brother-in-law out charter fishing out of Orlando and he landed this nice sailfish in the late 80's. I had to show this photo of John and I out on a day in my small twenty foot mako fishing for big game in the gulf stream almost thirty five miles out. See I told you I'd put your photo on the web site John!"

Central Florida has great entertainment from the Orlando area and directly east of Orlando is some fine offshore saltwater ocean fishing for big game species like you've seen on television. During the summer you'll find awesome fishing in calm ocean waters and plenty of reel action for anglers to really sink their desires into. Captain Richard Bradley has over 30 years of experience fishing for Big Game directly east of Orlando. While growing up in the Orlando area and being a third generation Orlando area native, Richard's father often took him out fishing in the 60's and 70's out of Port Canaveral and the Atlantic Ocean near their hometown. Now Richard takes anglers out to enjoy what his father showed him when he was young. Times are better than ever for many of the fish out of Orlando and if you take a day and go fishing while you're visiting the area you won't regret it.

"I went out fishing with Captain Richard years ago and we caught the spectacular sail fish that's photographed above. I still remember that day as if it was yesterday and have went fishing with him as often as I can and I've never been disappointed. If' it's too rough to go fishing offshore he's a great inshore fishing guide and fishing on the saltwater lagoons east of Orlando is a real treat too." John Ordonez

Orlando's Premier Big Game Fishing Area

Orlando's Big Game Fishing can be a fun time for families and expert anglers alike. While many anglers dream of tangling with a monster deep sea species, our fishing equipment and gear has been tested on all the offshore species that Orlando has to offer. In fact, both inshore and offshore species are so abundant on the eastern shorelines of Florida that you'll more than likely set up another trip with us so that you can add another Big Game Species to your list of fishing experiences. What a pleasant trip of going offshore and basking in the Florida sunshine while reeling in one of Florida's premier big game sportsfish and learning from a professional fishing guide on a charter fishing trip in Orlando.

When visiting Orlando next time... We promise to give you a great offshore Big Game fishing trip and look forward to having you come back often as you can to encounter another day of great fishing in Orlando, Florida. Give Capt. Gina a call today to set up your Fishing Adventure today. (321) 868-4953
God Bless,
Captain Richard Bradley
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Fishing For Big Game In Orlando Florida

Reviewed by Captain Richard Bradley on Last modified: February 10 2017 18:52:37.

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Fishing Reports

October - 2017 Fishing Report

The summer is over and the autumn winds are starting to prevail as we head toward the holidays and winter. With water temperatures on the fall and water levels above average you can find good numbers of fish very close to the shoreline and against the mangroves. Mullet are in their peak run and will start to subside as we enter November, but bait, comfort and the end of the redfish spawn should keep anglers busy during the month of October. Lie mullet will trump any given bait during the fall on most days and if you're lucky enough to run into a school of big breeding redfish, it typically doesn't matter what you throw at them, just be ready for these fish that often exceed forty pounds.

Wrapping up the October report, we have been catching snook along the deeper shorelines with the seasonally high water, breeding redfish are coming to an end, but you have a chance to catch them and the fall mullet fun will keep the gamefish interesting into November.

Fishing Forecast

October - 2017 Fishing Forecast

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Inshore and Offshore Charter Fishing near Orlando and Cocoa Beach, Florida. Catch redfish, sea trout, tarpon, snook and many other saltwater gamefish aboard the world famous Lagooner flats fishing boat with renowned Captain Richard Bradley.

Lagooner Fishing Guides - I have had the fortune to have fished with Captain Richard on a number of occasions. While I consider myself to be a pretty good recreational fisherman, each time I fished with him I left with a wealth of new information about not only fishing, but the entire intercoastal ecosystem. Speaking with and learning from Captain Bradley is worth the trip by itself, but he never failed to put us on fish. While on Lagooner trips, we have landed our personal best snook, redfish, kingfish, tarpon and he even put us on a sailfish. I am also impressed with the amount a care Captain Richard puts on the safety of his Guests. This is very evident in how well he maintains his boats and motors. He also carries this over with his other equipment as well. His gear is always top-notch and in pristine condition. I value his opinion so much that I reached out to him when I was looking to buy my own fishing boat. He spent a lot of time giving me the pros and cons of different flats boats. He certainly did not have to spend time doing this since he was not "on the clock," but I know he did this out of his passion for fishing and his commitment to his customers. I took his advice and bought an Action Craft since he swore by it. There might be a problem with my boat though, it does not catch as many fish as Captain Richard's boat!
about Lagooner Fishing Charters on January 31, 2017

5 / 5 stars 5 star rating

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