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Professional Family Fishing Charters in Orlando Florida for Mother, Child and Daddy too.

Sunday June 24, 2018

Families love the outdoors and fishing is a great way to share an exciting day while vacationing in Orlando, Florida.  A family friendly fishing charter is a great way to spend time with one another and show your kids a fun time reeling in a few fish too.

Captain Gina explains; "Our Captains train each other on family and kids needs, They involve the kids in collecting bait, bird watching, finding the fish and of course catching and landing their fish during the coarse of the day. It's a great educational trip as well as just a fun time of enjoyment for all."

A Mom and Her Family's Experience on an Orlando Fishing Charter

"Our guide showed us how to collect bait using a giant cast net and then stow the bait in a live well to keep them alive all day for fishing. He climbed out of the boat and into the water catching crabs, small shrimp and horseshoe crabs for us to look at. He even showed us stingrays, manatees, dolphins and ospreys, it was awesome. By the end of the day our two daughters had caught all of our limit in fish and the Captain cleaned and packed it for the trip home."
explains Tina from Indiana.

Typically the kids just like to see all the neat creatures in and around the lagoon and catching fish is just an added bonus. I'll often let kids steer the boat (of course with close supervision) and that's a thrill of it's own." Captain Richard Bradley explains.

I take my child fishing every year with Captain Richard and it's always an adventure for both Kyle and myself. He's fun, knowledgeable and great with kids and adults alike. I'll be going back for years to come and I'm sure my children and grandchildren will too!
Chuck Smith
Merritt Island, FL

Looking for information about fishing the Orlando, Florida area and it's inshore and offshore angling opportunities in Central Florida? Call (321) 868-4953 and Ask for Captain Gina. They'll be more than glad to talk to you in length about setting up a fishing trip while you're visiting the area.

Fishing Charters in Orlando for Your Family

Inshore fishing on the Lagoons around Orlando Florida for saltwater species like redfish, snook, sea trout and tarpon can be an exciting way to spend a day, but there are a few things that can make it more enjoyable and successful. Don't overload the boat, too many people in the boat makes things unpleasant for everyone and only a few people can fish at a time anyway's. Three anglers is about the maximum amount of people that a small inshore boat can manage and four is all we can handle in offshore or deep sea fishing trips. Make trips short and sweet for younger members of the family too. Extended trips can make people miserable even if they're busy catching fish. Remember, the fishing is about your family having a good time on a charter fishing trip, they're expectations are often different that yours. Taking young pre-teens or grade school children on inshore fishing trips can be dangerous and challenges them beyond their motor skills and abilities. Children under 12 may need to wait before going on any performance fishing trips where they are expected to cast, reel and bring in large predator fish species.

Don't miss out...Make sure you book your fishing Charter in Orlando with your family while visiting Florida. Fun and exciting trips for everyone all ages.

Published by: Captain of Lagooner Fishing Guides©

More About Family Fishing Charters

We take so many different anglers out on fishing trips and charters and families can be the most rewarding for everyone but also very challenging for the guide and young anglers. "Taking an experienced angler out is often the easiest trip" explains Captain Richard. "An experienced angler knows how to cast various rods & reels, bait his own hook, present lures, baits and other odds and ends, but a young angler in a family situation may not have the skills needed to perform in many situations and that's where a good Charter Fishing Captain can help young anglers to start developing skills at an early age".

Families Just Want to
Have Fun While Fishing

Don't pressure everyone in the family to try too hard or put them in a situation they don't feel comfortable. Speeding in a rough bay may be uncomfortable for a wife or child and fine for the husband. Most kids will help gather bait or watch animal life, but aren't interested in fishing for extended hours in cold or humid hot conditions. Make everything a positive experience and you'll make a fishing family out of yours and make them look forward to coming back every year to Orlando to go on a fishing charter with Lagooner Fishing Guides

Captain Gina Displaying the Lagooner Form
Fill Out Form for Charter Fishing Information

Request information about a fishing trip with a Lagooner Fishing Guide by filling out and submitting this form or simply calling (321) 868-4953

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